Kruger Inc. contributes to the economic development of regions where it has operations and demonstrates its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development by reducing its operations’ ecological footprint. 

Environmental Policy 

Sustained economic development requires responsible stewardship.  In this spirit, the Company’s environmental approach and actions are governed by the enclosed guiding principles.

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Forest Policy

Kruger Inc. supports a sustainable and integrated forest management approach in order to ensure the viability of its facilities, protect and preserve the long-term ecological integrity of the forest, and discourage multiple uses of the forest environment.

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Fibre Procurement Policy

Kruger makes its best effort to ensure that its wood fibre is sourced from forests where management practices comply with the requirements of recognized forest certification standards, such as FSC®, SFI®, PEFC and CSA Z809, and that wood fibre is not sourced from conflict timber or from controversial sources.

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Kruger Inc. believes that it is desirable, from a social, cultural, and economic standpoint, to establish strong business ties with the First Nations of Canada and to promote communication and partnership. Such relations must evolve in a mutually beneficial environment.

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