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At Kruger, we believe in giving our employees the space to grow within a dynamic and stimulating environment, nurturing their development, encouraging their involvement and enriching their professional lives. It’s no wonder many of our employees have been with us for a long time.

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We offer positions across Canada and the United States in Engineering, Administration, Maintenance and Production, as well as internships.





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Our human resources, IT, accounting, finance, communications, marketing, transportation and sales specialists, among others, work closely with their teams and their colleagues at other Kruger Inc. sites, and with our external partners.

They are proficient in their respective fields of expertise and constitute a sound base for good corporate governance. We support their professional and personal development by providing them with training courses and opportunities to enhance their skills.

Administration jobs

Our sites need the expertise and qualifications of a large number of seasoned engineers, be it for planning, designing, implementing, maintaining or operating our equipment, or for introducing continuous improvement programs, quality management, environmental management, forest management or project management.

Our engineers are actively involved in the growth of Kruger Inc., which continually finds new ways to diversify and innovate in order to remain a leader in its ten activity sectors.

Engineering jobs

Engineers, operators, technicians, supervisors, maintenance specialists, tradespeople, personnel and day labourers at our production sites ensure the on-time delivery of our products and services in accordance with specifications, quality standards and quantities.

They like to be in the heat of the action and are essential for smooth operations. And, thanks to Kruger Inc.’s health and safety measures, they enjoy a safe work environment.

Production jobs

Kruger Inc. is preparing its workforce for tomorrow. That’s why we offer co-op positions and other opportunities for students and graduates who are ready to launch their career.

It’s a way for us to get to know them and, in return, students feel great about being able to acquire some experience. After all, the best way to learn is by doing!

Internships jobs

Available Positions at Kruger Products

Available Positions at our Elizabethtown Packaging Plant

Kruger a été mise au courant de fausses offres d’emploi transmises par courriel et/ou affichées sur différents sites Web et médias sociaux au nom de notre entreprise. Nous vous invitons à faire preuve de prudence, notamment en ne divulguant jamais de renseignements personnels ou bancaires, en particulier si vous doutez de l’authenticité de l’offre d’emploi. Veuillez noter également que :

  • Kruger n’envoie jamais d’offres d’emplois de façon aléatoire par courriel.
  • Kruger ne demande jamais d’argent aux candidats au cours d’un processus de recrutement.
  • Nos recruteurs ne communiquent jamais avec les candidats par le biais de services Web tels que Gmail, Yahoo ou Hotmail ou tout autre fournisseur similaire. Nos adresses courriel d’entreprise se terminent toujours par l’un des noms de domaine suivants : @kruger.com, @krugerproducts.ca.

Our Values


We value and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit within our organization. As we continue to grow our Company and diversify our operations, we maintain a long-term outlook and keep our minds open to new ideas and innovation. Our employees exemplify this philosophy through their commitment to excellence.

Family Spirit

Our organization is like a family. And our family means the world to us. We foster a sense of belonging by encouraging teamwork and supporting employee initiatives that contribute to our collective success. We also recognize the value and contribution of each individual within our organization.


Commitment is at the heart of everything we do. Our concern for others is reflected in our commitment to offer our employees a stimulating, healthy and safe workplace. We are deeply committed to the environment and to maintaining meaningful relationships with the people and communities we engage with.


We keep our word and value trust above all else. Our integrity has allowed us to stand the test of time and to build mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, our customers, our business partners and the community.

Customer Focus

Trust is the cornerstone of every business relationship, which is why we focus on earning our customers’ trust by providing exceptional service, ensuring consistent product quality and making it easy to do business with us. Our goal is to generate value for each customer by creating solutions that improve their business for the long term.

Unlimited Opportunities


“The work environment at Kruger is extremely stimulating given the entrepreneurial and family culture of the company. Having worked both in the United States and in various Canadian provinces, I’ve had so many opportunities to develop my skills and proudly overcome new challenges on a professional and personal level.”

Jean-Robert Poulin,
Director of Project Development
Kruger Energy


“It’s been 31 years since I first started with Kruger, working my way up from reservist to supervisor. During the economic challenges of 2010, I could always count on a position in one of the Kruger mills, even if it meant a slight detour in my career path. That’s why I’m proud to be part of a solid organization like Kruger and I look forward to working another 10 years in Kruger Trois-Rivières Mill.”

Éric Beauchamp
Supervisor, No. 7 Paper Machine Trois-Rivières Mill
Kruger Packaging


“Working at Kruger Packaging is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am surrounded by a diverse team of amazing and friendly people, whom I now consider family. Kruger has allowed me to explore many great opportunities from IT to Quality Manager, learning a lot about myself and the Industry.”

Paula Allen
Quality Assurance Manager
Brampton Packaging Mill
Kruger Packaging

Health and Safety Commitment

Kruger’s Health and Safety culture drives a safe work environment, ensuring our employees, contractors, and visitors return home safely to their loved ones every single day.