March 6, 2015

The Faculty of Sciences and the University of Sherbrooke Foundation recognized student excellence and commitment during a Scholarship Ceremony held on October 29, 2014. Vincent Nadeau, Human Resources Manager, Kruger Brompton Mill, presented chemistry students Romain Darnajoux and Martin Déry with a Gene H. Kruger Scholarship.

Created in 1992, the Gene H. Kruger Fund Scholarships at the University of Sherbrooke are awarded to master’s students in chemistry and chemical engineering and recognize academic achievement as well as student engagement.

Each year, Kruger Inc., through the Gene H. Kruger Fund, scholarships are awarded to students at several Canadian educational institutions in administration, science and engineering, particularly forest engineering, and pulp and paper studies.  Through this support, Kruger Inc. promotes advances in research and the emergence of a pool of skills in regions where it has operations.


From left to right:  Armand Soldera, Professor and Chemistry Department Director, University of Sherbrooke Faculty of Sciences; Romain Darnajoux, Martin Déry, chemistry students and Gene H. Kruger Scholarship recipients; and Vincent Nadeau, Human Resources Manager, Kruger Brompton Mill.

Photo Credit: University of Sherbrooke