Sortilège in the Spotlight

October 16, 2013
Wines & Spirits

The latest edition of Vins et Vignobles, a Québec magazine devoted to wines and vineyards around the world, puts the spotlight on two Sortilège products – Sortilège Maple Cream and Sortilège Prestige.

Both Canadian whisky and maple syrup liqueurs were given excellent reviews by Janine Saine, a columnist who specializes in gastronomy, tourism, the art of living, and wine.

Called “a real treat”, Sortilège Maple Cream, Canada’s top-selling maple spirit, is a decadently rich and creamy taste experience and a perfect blend of 100% pure maple syrup, fresh dairy cream and Canadian whisky.

Sortilège Prestige is a blend of carefully selected, batch-distilled Canadian whiskies that are aged to perfection and then blended with the purest of maple syrups.  According to Janine Saine, Sortilège Prestige makes for a fine aperitif or digestif.

To learn more about Sortilège Maple Cream, Sortilège Prestige or Sortilège Original, go to:

Happy sipping!

Sortilège Maple Cream

Sortilège Prestige


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