Career opportunities

With its seven activity sectors and dozens of sites across North America, Kruger Inc. is a multi-facetted company that offers a host of employment and advancement opportunities to applicants who want to join our team.  Below is an overview of the career tracks at Kruger Inc.:



Engineers, operators, technicians, supervisors, maintenance specialists, tradespeople, personnel and day labourers at our production sites ensure the on-time delivery of our products and services in accordance with specifications, quality standards and quantities. 

They like to be in the heat of the action and are essential for smooth operations.  And, thanks to Kruger Inc.’s health and safety measures, they enjoy a safe work environment.



Our sites need the expertise and qualifications of a large number of seasoned engineers, be it for planning, designing, implementing, maintaining or operating our equipment, or for introducing continuous improvement programs, quality management, environmental management, forest management or project management. 

Our engineers are actively involved in the growth of Kruger Inc., which continually finds new ways to diversify and innovate in order to remain a leader in its seven activity sectors.



Our human resources, IT, accounting, finance, communications, marketing, transportation and sales specialists, among others, work closely with their teams and their colleagues at other Kruger Inc. sites, and with our external partners. 

They are proficient in their respective fields of expertise and constitute a sound base for good corporate governance.  We support their professional and personal development by providing them with training courses and opportunities to enhance their skills.



Our managers are seasoned professionals.  Most of them have been with Kruger Inc. for quite some time and have acquired valuable experience in the industry.   Many of our managers are long-serving employees who have worked their way up in the Company with the support of other managers who coached them. 

These employees represent Kruger Inc. among other organizations and at major events.  Their informed decisions enable the Company to continue to grow.




Kruger Inc. is preparing its workforce for tomorrow.  That is why we offer co-op positions and other opportunities for students and graduates who are ready to launch their career. 

It’s a way for us to get to know them and, in return, students feel great about being able to acquire some experience.  After all, the best way to learn is by doing!